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What Do People Have To Say About Fremont College?

Fremont College is a private college that offers classes both online and at their Cerritos, CA campus. Below you will find reviews by current and or former students.

  • Karla M. Hernandez reviewed Fremont College on Facebook, here is her review:
    I chose a great place to get my AA and my BA. I succeeded at both with excellent grades. Everyone is very positive and helpful. I love their online business program. Very happy to have attended Fremont and grateful for their programs because it made my path to success feel like it had structure and direction. Can't wait to walk this June for my graduation ceremony!
  • Rose Carreon reviewed Fremont College on Facebook, here is what she wrote:
    I just finished my last quiz for my last business class. I am officially done earning my B.A. degree in Business Leadership and I am thrilled! Thank you Fremont for transferring all my previous college coursework and offering an up to par business school curriculum that prepared me for entrepreneurship. I am proudly in the works of launching my e-commerce later in the year. I have the tools and confidence to be successful. My next goal is to have you add me to your alumni success stories. As a life long student of both public and private institutions I am a living testimony to tell others that as long as you are hard working and committed, a vocational college such as yours will prepare you to go far in your career. I feel I am industry ready to go! Just like when my other trade college gave me my A.A. degree in graphic design. Perseverance and dedication pay off and great professors like I had, matter. I can't wait until my June graduation ceremony.
  • Alisha Godley-Jackson reviewed Fremont College on Facebook, below is what he wrote:
    I love this school . They are always there when you need something . I would recommend this school to all my family and friend. I graduated this June with a certificate in healthcare administration.
  • Suavè X Robinson reviewed Fremont College on Facebook, below is his review:
    Honestly, u get out of it what you put into it... I completed both my AA and my BA here... 3.3, AA in paralegal studies, 3.86 in healthcare management... Just do your best and you'll be fine... Great teachers to help you along...And don't let anyone tell you that this school is a dead end... I'lol soon be going for my MBA at Western Governors University online...A regionally accredited MBA degree...The students are students... Some good, some bad... Just be good yourself, and do good... Remember, u gotta pay that big ass loan back yourself... It helps to have a degree in order to help u pay that back
  • Sharka Zulumn reviewed Fremont College on Facebook, read the full testimonial below:
    I'm highly impressed with faculty, the campus, the honest care, and services they provide. Also being accredited by "ABA" is the plus I need to feel secure in my decision. This campus is public transportation friendly, and you can really save on gas, and parking expenses. McDonalds, Carl Jr's, and Starbucks is just a few of the many restaurants, only a couple of steps away.
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College of Paralegal Studies

Fremont College - College of Paralegal Studies

As one of only 29 Paralegal programs in California approved by the American Bar Association (ABA), Paralegal Studies at Fremont College will prepare you in just 15 months to become a Paralegal.

College of Healthcare Studies

Fremont College - College of Healthcare Studies

If you are like many others who are looking for a career that can allow you to build a life around it, a job that you will be proud of, where you can make a difference, a career choice in healthcare could be a good fit for you.

College of Wellness

Fremont College - College of Wellness Studies

Our Associate degree program in Sports Rehabilitation Therapy and our diploma program in Massage Therapy will provide you with the training necessary to qualify you for Massage Therapist Certification by the California Massage Therapy Council.

College of Paralegal Studies

Fremont College - College of Business

vel ultrices mauris libero id diam. Vivamus tellus sagittis facilisis nisi quis mollis risus quisque ultrices elit.

College of Paralegal Studies

Fremont College - College of Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing program at Fremont College takes a comprehensive approach to instruction to ensure that the student graduates with the skills and experience to be ready “day one” in a new employment situation.

College of Paralegal Studies

Dale Carnegie of Southern Los Angeles

The fundamentals of Fremont College is based on relationships and mentoring. Dale Carnegie of Southern Los Angeles is a division of Fremont College.

  • The best college in town!, I would have to say the staff is friendly here, Tony the campus president will work with you in all that you need whether it's help with transcripts to books and material to resume preparation and connections. This college has taught me the material I need for my future paralegal job, working in a law firm and how to scrutinize very important documents I need for my future and present. This office is quite modern, they have their own library and they have fun activities such as pie eating contests to Hawaiian get together parties where you meet and greet everyone. This school is not only organized, but they are always up to date on their lessons and have a wise staff that will help all the students in college connect and benefit from here. They will help you network and start your career today!, David is also wonderful here and is always smiling, what better staff could you ask for:) Natasha is also a wonderful recruiter and would really advise joining this college because they teach paralegal studies.., and I truly enjoy law, they have marketing, business for all you creative minded workers, and healthcare which is always booming. I highly recommend this college and hope you all meet Tony he's great!!

    Kathy A. via Yelp
  • Read my previous review.
    Update!! Thank you Thank you Thank you! For opening doors, career opportunities, and helping me get that job! Woohoo! You have surpassed my expectations. Double high five to the awesome staff from the front office, to admissions, financial aid, student affairs, career development, to the dean of wellness, to the campus director, to the instructors for believing in me and for your encouragement and time invested to advancing my craft beyond the classroom with numerous events Fremont took part in - THANK YOU! Awesomeness! Wow!
    Your graduate and student ambassador.

    Vera L. via Yelp
  • As a former student of the Paralegal AA program and the Bachelor's program, I can recommend this school wholeheartedly. I have been a practicing Paralegal for 5+ years my education at Fremont opened up opportunities for me that allow me to make enough so that my spouse can stay at home and raise our child and not have to worry about having to get a job. That being said you get out of this school what you put into it. If you are a person who needs to work and go to school at night (like I did) then you will appreciate the no nonsense approach to education. Yes you probably can get you certificate or AA cheaper at a community college, but do you have the time to wait around to hope you can get your classes? Here you show up do the work and in X number of months you are done.

    Victor B. via Yelp

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